Casting has begun for Communicating Doors

JWilliams Theatre Productions are proud to present their latest production of Communicating Doors by Alan Ayckbourn

A businessman staying in a London hotel hires a call girl to perform certain tasks for him. Got the picture? Except you won’t because this is one of Ayckbourn’s most ingenious comedies and it turns out that all the man wants is the girl to sign as witness to his statement incriminating his partner in the murder of his wives. That is only the start of the surprises for when the girl opens a door in the room, she finds herself in the same room – but twenty years earlier. What’s more, the room is now occupied by one of the allegedly murdered wives who is intent on re-writing the future. Confused? You won’t be, for this is a wonderfully inventive journey through time via Alan Ayckbourn’s imagination.

Communicating Doors - A1 - Landscape (with Socials)

The performance will be directed by Rosalie Jones a seasoned performer and director and this is her first time working for JWilliams Theatre Productions and Williams Creatives.

Casting has begun and will be announced in due course.

Williams Creatives are proud to say that they will be returning to Sue Townsend Theatre after their performance Miscast the Musical Cabaret was performed there in March 2019.

Tickets are available now

This amateur production of “Communicating Doors” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD 

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