Pride Month, but a little different

This year, there are no parades in the streets. Instead we are in our homes, staying safe. But this will not take away from the message. Through Social Media and webcam across the world, we are still connected. Because that is what Pride is really all about, coming together

Isolation Interview: Joshua Ashton Williams

Ever wanted to know more about how ‘On The Surface, We Smile’ came to be? Sit back as John-Joseph Boyle talks to Writer Joshua Ashton Williams about his creative processes, including how he crafted this unique and thought provoking theatre piece as well as some sneak peeks into his future plans for the stage.

Welcome to the new ‘Us!’

The 2020 lockdown is continuing on, but that hasn’t stopped Williams Creatives persisting in our dedicated work for the theatrical scene. Instead, we have been using this precious time to give ourselves a ‘fresh coat of paint’ as it were, starting, not only with a shiny new logo, but a whole redesign of our website!