Previous Shows

Miscast at the Movies (March 2020)

In March 2020, Williams Creatives stormed the stage at the Sue Townsend theatre with topsy turvy musical cabaret, Miscast at the Movies. The show was a delightful evening of fun, music and songs from movie favourites that also have links to musical theatre. All presented in a way you have never seen before.

Oliver’s Twisted Christmas (Dec 2019)

A night of fun, Charles Dickens and songs to suit the theme. We presented Oliver! in a way you have never seen before focusing on the adults he meets after leaving the orphanage and how a single action changed the course of their lives. This multi-disciplinary performance will featured the characters you know and love in an environment that had never seen before.

Communicating Doors (July 2019)

A businessman staying in a London hotel hires a call girl to perform certain tasks for him. Got the picture? Except you won’t because this is one of Ayckbourn’s most ingenious comedies and it turns out that all the man wants is the girl to sign as witness to his statement incriminating his partner in the murder of his wives.

Miscast: The Musical Cabaret (March 2019)

Everyone loves a good musical. But why restrict yourself to singing the parts that suit you, rather than the ones you want to. That’s what Williams Creatives achieved with ‘Miscast: The Musical Cabaret.

On The Surface, We Smile (Nov 2018)

Here it is, the genesis of all that was to come here at Williams Creatives. Written and directed by Joshua Williams alongside Lee Samuels as the Assistant Director and choreographed by Hannah Castledine. ‘On the Surface, We Smile’ is a gritty peek at what is behind closed doors, told through thought-provoking and totally captivating storytelling.