On The Surface We Smile Tour (2021)

2020 has been a rough year for everyone across the world, but through solidarity and community we have emerged through. Williams Creatives were devastated when, in the interest of public safety, we decided to postpone our hugely anticipated UK Tour of ‘On the Surface, We Smile.’ However, now we are back and so is the tour, bigger and better than ever!

On the Surface, We Smile is about the perception of people around us and the lengths we will go to, to hide the truth underneath. Jackson and Lisa are two best friends who comment on others around them including a victim of sex trafficking, a domestically violent couple, a family plagued by alcoholism, an unconventional relationship and a couple who have given up hope. The play is a gritty look at what is behind closed doors told through witty language and innovative story telling.

The characters, all flawed in their own devastatingly beautiful way, are forced to relive their trauma if only to help them understand how they got there in the first place. This unapologetically striking play features physical theatre, live singing and raw performances from a talented cast.

On the Surface, We Smile contains strong language and some scenes that viewers may find upsetting. The age guidance for this show is 15+

Tour Dates and Locations

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak tour dates have been postponed.
New dates and locations will be announced in the near future

For more information on the show check back here regularly or email info@williamscreatives.co.uk