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This evening, you will enjoy a special anniversary reception hosted by Henry and Edith Gunn.  This is in celebration of the signing of the Armistice of Villa Giusti – everyone is expecting Germany to surrender very soon and the happy couple have some special news they want to share with you.  Henry married Edith 1 year ago after he promised his comrade George (Edith’s first husband) that he would look after her if he didn’t make it out of the trenches alive.  Is life now a bed of roses with the war about to end – or is there more trouble in store?

Cold Case

Tonight is the 25th anniversary of Geffoff Airlines, a budget airline started in 1993 (think Ryan Air) and to celebrate they are launching a new route. Geoffrey is C.E.O of the airline and after years of success the airline is struggling due to strikes from pilots and ground crew. To help boost the standing of the company (and profits) Geoffrey has manged, through his ‘associate’ Boris Litvanyenko, to break a deal with Russia which allows them to fly in to Russian airspace. This opens up a whole new world of travel for the less discerning customer! But what about Geoff’s sons? Are thay happy with this? What about the one who has been missing for the past ten years? Is he likely to turn up at this prestigious event?

Cupids Arrow

Cupid’s Arrow Introduction Agency is the brainchild of retired couple Robert and Marion Cole and is run by their daughter-in-law Scarlet. It was a retirement idea born from the fact that Robert and Marion were originally introduced through an introduction agency and they have enjoyed a long and happy marriage. But is the Agency all that it professes to be? Or does it hide sinister secrets?


This evening, you will enjoy Amos Wheatley’s retirement party.  Amos is retiring after 40 years in the farming business.  When he set out all those years ago, he acquired some land and expanded his empire – was everybody happy with that?  Has he enjoyed honest trading through the decades? Is he a decent man that deserves a long rest or does somebody have other ideas?


Dr Everlast has been working for the past ten years on an elixir for immortality.  There has been no government funding or support from the British military towards the research as nobody believes it to be credible.  However, due to the nature of the work and its possible potential – military and government intelligence have been keeping a close eye on it.  Recently, Dr Everlast has had a breakthrough – and has developed an elixir that although will not make the person who consumes it immortal – it does make them significantly younger by repairing the natural damage caused by the aging process.  It is hoped that by showcasing this elixir tonight, it will encourage the financial and political backing required in order to take the research to the next level.

Murder Beyond the Manor

This evening, Lord & Lady Jacobson are hosting a party in honour of their son’s engagement to socialite Champagne Oxton. With the Jacobson manor undergoing substantial refurbishment, the very wealthy Jacobsons are hosting the party at the hotel and you’re invited.  Tonight is supposed to be an evening of celebration – but will everything go to plan? Perhaps – but it depends on who’s plan!?

Murdered in the Morning

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Lord Jason Hamilton and Lady Elizabeth Grayson. You will be celebrating amongst the high class attendants of the wedding and be getting a glimpse of the platinum and jewel encrusted handmade hair comb to be worn by Lady Grayson as she says her vows. But who wants to stop this wedding from going ahead? How far will they go to ensure this?

Rock Stars

Full Marks were a highly successful boy band of the mid to late 90s.  10 years ago, the band disbanded due to creative differences.  Mark Avalon, wanted to shed the rock persona and take the band down a more commercial, pop route.  His cousin, Mark Chatterwell, disagreed.Tonight, they are launching their reunion tour.  It has been 10 years since the band were last seen in public together.  There have been quite a few changes since then – new manager for one. And what has happened to Mark Dickson?

The Anchor

The cast and crew of MRTV are celebrating being awarded the Best Journalistic Broadcaster in this year’s Journos – an annual awards ceremony.  They are gathered in the hotel and have invited special friends of the station and regular viewers to join in the celebration. Max Ramsey rose through the ranks from being a junior journalist himself in rival companies to establishing MRTV.  He makes a habit of only employing the best people and is ruthless in his pursuit of being the best.  If anybody who works for him shows any sign that they are not the best – he ensures that they are not working for him much longer … making the headlines really is murder!

Time Traveler

This evening, Henry George Wells is hosting the annual general meeting of The Quantum Leapers.  A group set up to further the research into time travel.  This evening promises to be an exciting event – famous movie star Martin Mackleby will be making an appearance and Henry has promised an exciting revelation.  Unfortunately, the suicide of his wife Hannah might put a dampener on the proceedings. Did the time traveller’s wife really kill herself or is something more sinister taking place?

The Coven

Winnifred Wicks is the founding member of the Wicks Coven – now celebrating its 20th anniversary.  She values the support of her long term partner Tony Angel and, using his ancestral home Angel Towers, the coven has grown from strength to strength.  Tonight a new member, Millicent Black, will be anointed into its fold as part of a large celebration of all things magical. Unfortunately, the celebration will be short lived as it is disturbed by the arrival of Meg Salt. Meg used to be part of the Coven until 10 years ago when she was convicted of killing a house staff member in a bungled robbery attempt.  Meg has always maintained her innocence and as such, has she returned tonight to enact her revenge on somebody who wronged her? Or is other magic afoot?

Penny for Guy

Benchcorp are a small family company that specialise in the design and manufacture of park benches.  This year has been a little embarrassing for the company when a photograph of a local homeless guy called ‘Guy’ holding up a sign reading: ‘Benchcorp, the number 1 choice for homeless bums’ went viral.  The company is holding a bonfire party and inviting guests and investors as a way of shaking of the embarrassing image – unfortunately, when it is discovered that the guy on top of the bonfire is in fact Guy the homeless guy – everyone is a suspect.

Night before Christmas

It is Christmas Eve 1987 and you are part of Smartoys staff Christmas party.  This year, Fiona Smartley-Price (Smartoy’s CEO) has extra cause to celebrate because the company have achieved having the Christmas Number 1 toy in the shops.  Mouseville Friends is that toy and was the brainchild of Siobhan (Fiona’s daughter and a managing director of the company).  She launched the new toy along with her fiancée Noel Thurst who is a television executive that has launched an animated series based on the toys. This has just completed its first series on CBBC.  Will the celebrations continue all night long or will sinister happenings halt them? Will Christmas be spoilt for many children up and down the country?

Murder mistletoe

It is Christmas 1899, the country are on the verge of a new century. Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, the 3rd Marquess of Salisbury and British Prime Minister is holding a lavish Christmas Party for the upper class elites.  Anybody who is anybody is invited to enjoy the festivities of the season – there is even mistletoe for ladies to woo their gentleman.  Celebrations are quickly disturbed when one of the serving girls is discovered dead – her entrails sliced from her body – has Jack the Ripper returned after an 8-year absence? Who will survive the evening?

Out with the old

New Year’s Eve 1999, the millennium approaches and Martin Mcdonald is holding a free party to which you’re invited to attend.  He runs TechTalk, a computer technical solutions company. It’s been a busy year for him, upgrading office systems so that they do not suffer at the hands of the Millennium Bug.  Martin never makes it to his party – somebody wanted him dead – but who?


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